Control characters (1963)


The following table lists the original names of Ascii control codes as defined in 1963.

DecHex Abbr. Name
000 NULL Null/Idle
101 SOM Start of message
202 EOA End of address
303 EOM End of message
404 EOT End of transmission
505 WRU "Who are you...?"
606 RU "Are you...?"
707 BELL Audible signal
808 FE0 Format effector
909 HT/SK Horizontal tabulation/ Skip (punched card)
100A LF Line feed
110B VTAB Vertical tabulation
120C FF Form feed
130D CR Carriage return
140E SO Shift out
150F SI Shift in
1610 DC0 Device control reserved for data link escape
1711 DC1 Device control
1812 DC2  -
1913 DC3  -
2014 DC4 (STOP)Device control (stop)
2115 ERR Error
2216 SYNC Synchronous idle
2317 LEM Logical end of media
2418 S0 Separator (information)
2519 S1  -
261A S2  -
271B S3  -
281C S4  -
291D S5  -
301E S6  -
311F S7  -
1277F DEL Delete/idle



Ascii 1963 assigned code position 126 to the ESC code. Later ESC was moved to position 27, and position 126 was assigned to tilde (~).

Similarly ACK was moved from 124 to 6, making room for vertical line (vertical bar, |).