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Special Entities


HTML 2.0 introduced character sequences called HTML entities that lets you send special characters to the client.
HTML entities begin with an ampersand (&) and end with a semicolon (;).

The following table displays the characters included in the "Special Entities" set with their Unicode value.

Any of these characters can also be addressed by using the HTML entities hexadecimal notation &#x...; along with the Unicode hexadecimal value:
for example, the copyright sign © whose Unicode code is U+00A9 can be written © (©) or © (©).


HTML Unicode Open in a new window...  Char Zoom...  Description
" U+0022 " quotation mark = APL quote
& U+0026 & ampersand
&lt; U+003C < less-than sign
&gt; U+003E > greater-than sign
&OElig; U+0152 ΠLatin capital ligature OE
&oelig; U+0153 œ Latin small ligature oe
&Scaron; U+0160 Š Latin capital letter S with caron
&scaron; U+0161 š Latin small letter s with caron
&Yuml; U+0178 Ÿ Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis
&circ; U+02C6 ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent
&tilde; U+02DC ˜ small tilde
&ensp; U+2002 en space
&emsp; U+2003 em space
&thinsp; U+2009 thin space
&zwnj; U+200C zero width non-joiner
&zwj; U+200D zero width joiner
&lrm; U+200E left-to-right mark
&rlm; U+200F right-to-left mark
&ndash; U+2013 en dash
&mdash; U+2014 em dash
&lsquo; U+2018 left single quotation mark
&rsquo; U+2019 right single quotation mark
&sbquo; U+201A single low-9 quotation mark
&ldquo; U+201C left double quotation mark
&rdquo; U+201D right double quotation mark
&bdquo; U+201E double low-9 quotation mark
&dagger; U+2020 dagger
&Dagger; U+2021 double dagger
&permil; U+2030 per mille sign
&lsaquo; U+2039 single left-pointing angle quotation mark
&rsaquo; U+203A single right-pointing angle quotation mark
&euro; U+20AC euro sign




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