Unicode planes


The current allocated planes are:

 Name Range  
Plane 0Basic Multilingual Plane U+0000 to U+FFFF modern languages and special characters. Includes a large number of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) characters.
Plane 1Supplementary Multilingual Plane U+10000 to U+1FFFF historic scripts and musical and mathematical symbols
Plane 2Supplementary Ideographic Plane U+20000 to U+2FFFF rare Chinese characters
Plane 14Supplementary Special-purpose Plane U+E0000 to U+EFFFF non-recommended language tag and variation selection characters
Plane 15Supplementary Private Use Area-A U+F0000 to U+FFFFF private use (no character is specified)
Plane 16Supplementary Private Use Area-B U+100000 to U+10FFFFprivate use (no character is specified)

Most used charts are located in the first plane (Plane 0):


Complete Unicode tables :

All the character positions from currently allocated planes displayed (65,500 positions for each plane).
These tables will also check for your browser and system Unicode capabilities.




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